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Revival in Lalitpur, Nepal March 2017

Hello Pastor Greg,

We had a fruitful month in March. We had Revival Service with Pastor Jeevan Babu Gudipalli from [Hyderabad, India] on March 8-11, 2017.

We covered all the revival expense It was very blessing for us. We saw around Total 100 attendance on 4 days, 1 got saved, 7 Holy Spirit Baptism. One boy got healed from his hearing problem.

We had a Nepali Lady From Canada, who came to visit her family here. She got saved 8 months ago in Canada. She was a strong Hindu lady... But, got radically converted in CHrist. She saw our church sign and came to visit us. She brought her sister and brother also in wednesday service. Her brother also received Christ that day. We are praying for her brother and sister to get locked into our service.

We are believing in Jesus for spiritual growth and Maturity in our church. We keeping believing for number growth and financial break through.

Sanjay Tripathi

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