Easter in Vologda, Russia

May 17, 2017


This year we used Easter inclinations to the full potential. Not only did we celebrate His death and ressurection, but we also saved souls!

This time we did two full blown Easter Dramas followed by the revival with Evangelist Steve Bowman. 

Thanks to our sister Olga Zakharova and numerous helpers and actors this turned out to be an exceptional play full of conviction and the Holy Ghost.

Over 70 crew members of different ages made this a success


The gospel story came to life before our eyes. On the photo: Simon with his two sons explaining why they came to Jerusalem.


While Pilate is in doubt, Satan and Barabbas celebrate victory.

 These bunch played the disciples of Jesus.

Pilate washes his hands


The devil looked real modern reminding people that he is not some fable but a real enemy living here and now! 

Modern looking guys beat and crucified Jesus.

A 5 year old Milana read her poem about suffering of Jesus. There was not one dry eye left in the audience!

Christ is Risen!

At the end of each night people came forward to repent. Thank God for raising disciples that can preach! 

We entered revival service with the Evangelist from Prescott Steve Bowman right after. Increadilby acurate words of knowledge were given. People were uplifted and encouraged. 

61 is the number of souls that prayed at the altar during the revival and drama nights. On the photo: the altar call after Steve Bowman message.

Steve Bowman sharing his experience during one of many breakfasts.

On the last night of the revival men from the rehab ministry asked to make a photo with us.






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