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Fiji Islands Report

Greetings, I'd like to update you on everything that has been happening here in Fiji. After our annual men's retreat in Nasikawa we went into revival with Darren Munzone & an impact team from Hurstville. The impact team were busy on the streets every day evangelising, praying for people & winning souls & then in meetings every night. The highlight of our evangelism was a Saturday morning outreach in the downtown Suva area which we schedule periodically for outreach. Nafi, our one man band as well as a number of other bands & our church drama group cranked out songs & dramas for a solid two hours right in the heart of Suva city. As the bands & the drama group were busy the rest of us were scattered amongst the crowd witnessing & praying for people. At one stage there were a few hundred people gathered at the wall running along the river in town watching our hilarious 'Burning Building' drama. We prayed with around 30 people on the Saturday morning. Two days after the Munzone revival we took a team of 21 people to the Solomon Islands including Pastor Tim Motokula & myself. In the one week we were there Tim preached a revival in the White River church, a men's discipleship, a marriage seminar & just about every other conceivable event that our churches might have. Half of the team went with Tim each morning to outreach on the streets, to pray for the sick & win souls & the other half of the team were with us in Honiara. White River is an outer suburb of Honiara about 10 minutes drive from central Honiara. What made this revival so rewarding is the fact that the pastor of the White River church, Ben Nginabule & Tim Motokula were both saved the same year in the Suva church during my first tenure here in Fiji. Ben was a student studying at The University of the South Pacific at that time & after his studies he went back to Honiara, Solomon Islands to begin his career as an accountant. Now both of these men are pioneering churches in different nations. The revival there in White River saw a total of 315 people saved in both outreaches & in services. While Tim was busy in White River the other half of the team were with me in Honiara. Our team flooded the downtown area of Honiara City as well as the surrounding neighbourhood areas & evangelised everyone they came across. Again we prayed with many people every day in an atmosphere of total openness. Wherever we went people were ready to pray. Each night of our revival meetings people crowded into the building with many visitors attending. We saw souls responding to the altar each meeting & on Sunday morning the building was jammed packed with both regular members & visitors. There was literally standing room only in that service. On the Saturday outreach in front of the Honiara court House we saw a crowd that probably numbered around 200 - 250 who stood & listened while bands played & dramas were acted out before them. I found myself witnessing to a number of people at once & then praying with them at the end of my witness before gathering another group & doing the same again. Our people were witnessing everywhere while music & drama were being presented. I prayed for people every service & many were healed ..... in fact everyone seemed to get healed! We concluded with a men's discipleship on Monday night before heading home to Fiji Tuesday afternoon. During our revival in Honiara we saw another 369 people saved in the week we were there. A total of 684 people were saved during our week long impact team. We have just concluded last night our 25th celebration anniversary for the beginning of the Fiji Fellowship. During the weekend of celebration I was privileged with the opportunity on the Saturday night to again be able to minister to the Fiji Fellowship who are living in the greater Suva area as I did for the 20th anniversary. On the Sunday morning Pastor Koli Raiwalui, the first indigenous pastor launched out of the Fiji Fellowship preached to the Suva church & on the Sunday night we had a combined celebration of the Suva area churches as they came together to be challenged by the message Pastor Tim Motokula delivered to close out the celebration weekend. Our building was packed for this event & many people were stirred about how God could do much greater things in the future using their lives to turn the tide in this nation. We've had a great time of victory & we are looking forward to the continuing favour of God on our labours here in Fiji. We sincerely ask that you & your church would continue to pray for Fiji Fellowship & the South Pacific churches. All the best, John Perry

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