Kimberley, South Africa

Here is a brief testimony of what God is doing in Kimberley.

We are still meeting in the Griqua Stadium hall. We have several people attending regularly, we have visitors every service who are getting saved. I'm still scouting, praying and believing God for a permanent location. We have been outreaching different areas to get a feel of the response and liberty of the neighborhoods.

Two weeks ago we did our first healing crusade in our largest township Galeshwe. I received permission from the city to hold the crusade right in the middle of the township in an empty lot in front of the only grocery store. Lots of traffic and exposure for the gospel. Pastor David Kennedy brought an impact team and preached the crusade. There was many notable healings that brought in a second wave of people who were just passing by, so Pastor Kennedy pulled another altar call with many people who responded. During the outreach their was 36 decisions for Christ and at the conclusion of the crusade there was an additional 20 (adults) who responded.

We have favor with the college and university housing, we have been showing movies and seeing students saved. From these outreaches we have students attending services.

Last night we had a great service celebrating Freedom Day, with 33 in attendance and 4 saved. In addition to those who responded for salvation, the altar was full, people were praying and contending for was Holy Ghost! I also asked them to sing their National Anthem, it was very moving. (video)

We are so honored to be here! Thank you for this opportunity, your prayers and investment.

Naaman Struck

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