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Grassy Park-Capetown, South Africa

Greetings from Grassy Park-Cape Town, South Africa

2015 has been a busy year for our congregation. I feel like we are really getting traction.

Re-vamped and re-launched our Saturday night music scene, In our ONE80 we are seeing visitors coming in and getting saved and coming and some coming in to our regular schedule of services and locking in. Our street outreach have also been fruitful, seeing up to 15 saved every Saturday morning.

We are seeing people getting married, another one in the works....these couples are contending for ministry and positioning themselves for what the Lord wants to do. In the last 23 months, we have launched four churches (Relaunching two of the four) One new announcement, and our latest venture is we are planting a couple into Kinshasa, Congo (DRC). This couple is from the Congo and have been living in South Africa for the last 15 years, they are leaving South Africa to pioneer a new work for God. Kinshasa has over 10 Million people....what an opportunity.

Our church has rallied together, giving towards endeavor. The Congo flag is hanging in our church not as a decoration, but as a declaration, that we are going to have impact outside the borders of South Africa.

We’ve had five revivals in 2015, the last two in the month of October, back to back….it was well attended and supported, with visitors almost every night. The last two revivals with Pastor John Zazueta and Evangelist Erich Tonnemacher were outstanding…exactly what we needed, an out-pouring of the Holy Ghost. The altars were full of people contending for a break through in different area of their lives. Afterwards there was a lingering joy and excitement. The revivals we had with Pastor Ray Rubi, John McCarthy were used by God to help us. In the month of August, 2015, we had our 1st. Harvester’s Homecoming, the 5 works directly out of Grassy park along with their churches attended, our main speaker was Evangelist Steve Bowman who brought timely words, we had over 200 in attendance in the evening services. Some of the men in our church are finding people they can lay hands on, as they are contending for healing ministry, planning their own outreaches, and healing crusades. We count it a great privilege to be a part of what God is doing here in Grassy Park. We are heading into our summer months and are looking forward to our summer harvesting of souls. We are contending for all that God has for South Africa in the months and years to come. Lord Bless! Robert Polaco

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