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With over 100 churches now in the UK, and missionary works in South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Italy, Sweden, Trinidad, Jamaica, Ireland and very soon China, we are thrilled to be a part of what God is doing on the earth.

Every weekend throughout the UK, teams are being sent from one church to help another as the culture of “impact team’s” is very strong here. They sing, share their faith on the streets, and encourage the saints leading up to an event that evening.

We have a constant flow of international pastors coming into preach and when a visiting pastor is ministering in one church, it is not uncommon for those in the area to attend and support. Each year for the Pastors and their wives we have a Conference, pastors seminars and an area wide “leadership table” with the following day a victory rally for those area churches to attend. We have seen acceleration in growth and development of both disciples and pastors.

Both the Rotherhithe Conference under Pastor Peter Ajala and the Walthamstow Conference have had a massive impact on the spiritual climate of our fellowship here. Between both conferences in 2014 we saw 17 new churches planted into the UK, and a church planted into Nanning, China.

We have 3 fulltime evangelists operating out of the UK, who regularly minister internationally and with the development of our pastors, we have seen a huge increase in both invitations to preach and the sending of international impact teams, giving us the continued sense that God is increasing our influence and responsibility.

We are very thankful to be part of such a fantastic fellowship and work of God.


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