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Report from the Phillippines

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Report from:

The Potter’s House Christian Center

Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Pastor Alberto Desepida

God is to be praised for all the good things that He has been doing here in the Philippines. It has been a busy year for us but the fruit of those labors remain. Revivals and outreaches are making impact both in the lives of those who are being ministered to and those who are ministering. We are thankful for God’s wonderful favor as we hold outreaches, drama and concerts, and most of all, our conferences.

God is raising up young powerful preachers who are busy taking the Gospel in the neighborhoods of our city. One young man, who came to Manila to work two years ago, testified how he became involved in vices and immorality until one of our disciples invited him to church. The very day that he came and let Jesus live in his heart, his life was never the same again. Just yesterday, December 13, he and five other young disciples went to their province in Pangasinan to take the love of Christ to his family and they rejoiced as they reported to me last night that more than 20 souls received Jesus as Lord and Savior. They even prayed for the sick and several of those new converts got healed. Hallelujah!

We just had our biannual Bible conference last November, and we praise God for the powerful impact that He is supplying us through the timely preaching of Pastor Martin Klok from Holland, Pastor Glen Cluck from Guam and our local leaders. Disciples and their families are responding to the call to ministry and are willing to take risks as they step in faith to take the Gospel with them to regions beyond. The conference body was rejoicing Friday night as we announced four brand new couples to pioneer.

We just want to take the opportunity to thank Pastor Wayman Mitchell, Pastor Greg Mitchell and the Prescott congregation for the vision that they have imparted to us. Because of that vision, we now have 307 churches all over the Philippines Island and 2 missionary churches in Vietnam, one in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, another one in Taiwan and also in Hong Kong.

Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

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